The history of the church in Kalamazoo:

After having fellowship with brother Witness Lee in the fall of 1987, a couple faithful to the Lord’s leading returned to the Kalamazoo, Michigan area in March of 1988. In that same year these saints began to meet with other believers in the Western Michigan area for the Lord’s testimony as the church in Kalamazoo. The saints meeting as the church in Kalamazoo have up to this day, continued faithfully to follow the ministry of brothers Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, practicing the church life according to the apostles’ teaching, which is the unique ministry of God’s New Testament economy.


Today the believers meeting as the church in Kalamazoo gather together in various homes and the meeting hall at 3320 Miller Road in Kalamazoo. The church in Kalamazoo is in fellowship with over 2000 local churches worldwide as an expression of the oneness of the Body of Christ.